It is hard being a Central Park pedicab driver during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Pedicab leaving Central Park at West 72nd Street
Pedicab leaving Central Park at West 72nd Street

Tourists are hard to come by in Manhattan these days, but a handful of pedicab drivers are still out there looking for customers.

“It’s dead. Nothing,” Solo Sawajao, 33, told The Post while looking for customers at Sixth Avenue and Central Park South.

Yet despite giving “zero” tours many days amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sawajao and a few dozen others continue to seek out the scarce New Yorkers and tourists interested in a pedal-powered carriage ride.

“There are no jobs anyway,” Sawajao added. “If there were jobs, I would take [them]. But there’s no jobs.”

For the most part, Sawajao and his fellow power pedalers are sitting around with empty carriages.

“I try to work every day, but there is no jobs right now,” agreed pedicab owner Sal, 30, of Brooklyn, whose 10-vehicle fleet — once rented out to fellow drivers — is otherwise collecting dust.

“Before the pandemic, there used to be 250 pedicabs out in Central Park. Right now it’s 10 to 15,” he said.